CanopyCo carbon offsetting and reforestation in Ecuador, South America.

Our Commitment to the Environment

  Our mission  

To create forests for the benefit of the atmosphere, Ecuadorīs flora and fauna, and the local community.

  To achieve our mission we commit to:  

Plant 25% extra trees
CanopyCo will plant an additional 25% based on monthly sales. These extra trees will ensure that 100% of the purchased trees survive and contribute to the absorption of global carbon dioxide emissions. Loss of trees due to unforeseen circumstances will be replaced by CanopyCo. In addition even more trees will be planted during environmental education days and through some of our development initiatives.

Do our very best
We will plant the trees for carbon offsetting at the most appropriate times of year to ensure they are given the best start in life. Reforestation sites will be monitored on a regular basis and all our reforestation activities will form the base for scientific research into forest regeneration.

Minimize costs and overheads
As the organization is based in Ecuador, our overheads are low which means more of your money gets to where it is needed, in the form of trees and community development work. We oversee all the projects (whether our own or in conjunction with third parties), working closely with organizations and local communities to ensure our funding is used efficiently and effectively.

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