CanopyCo carbon offsetting and reforestation in Ecuador, South America.

Native Tree Nurseries Ecuador

Native tree nurseries in Ecuador
We source all our native trees through local organizations and community run tree nurseries.

This way we help local farming communities with extra work and income by buying trees on a contractual basis; we wish to stimulate these activities and help provide employment in the countryside to reduce city labour migration.

With each new reforestation area, we expect to develop a new tree nursery, depending of course on local availability of plants and the scale of the reforestation exercise. As part of the process we will develop marketing and business skills that will aid the survival of the tree nursery.

  Tree species that will be produced and reforested include:  

Below 2500 m Above 2500 m
 Aliso, Alnus jorullensis  Yagual, Polylepis lanuginose
 Cedro, Cedrella montana  Rosa, Vallea stipularia
 Lucayena  Quishuar, Buddleis incana
 Tocte, Juglans geotrópica Diels  Arrayán, Marcia splendens
 Nisparo, Meliosma sp  Pumamaquí, Oreopanax ecuadorensis
 Fresno  Molle, Schinus mulle
 Yaloman  Guatze, Freziera canescens
 Guaba, Inga lallensis Spruce  Capulí, Prunas serotina

  Native Tree Species  

We only plant native species as these are adapted to the local ecosystem, unlike non native pine or eucalyptus trees.
Native species are non-damaging and will actually help the ecosystem by stimulating biodiversity, helping the reintroduction of other species of flora and fauna. Whereas pine and eucalyptus trees damage local ecosystems with their excessive demands on the water table that lead to reduced plant diversity and possibly desertification.

These two photos demonstrate quite clearly the difference in biodiversity of a native forest compared with a non native eucalyptus plantation.

* Native Andean Forest at approximately 2800m    * Eucalyptus Forest at approximately 2800m

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