CanopyCo carbon offsetting and reforestation in Ecuador, South America.

Reforesting Ecuador

CanopyCo is a carbon offset and development organization, based and working in Ecuador.

Our mission is to create forests for the benefit of the atmosphere, Ecuador's flora and fauna, and the local community.

We achieve this through;

 *  Native tree reforestation for the immediate reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

 *  Environmental research

 *  Rural development projects that benefit the local population

  Carbon neutral travel  

We are helping to reduce the impacts of global climate change by offsetting carbon dioxide emissions through managing extensive reforestation and community development programs. Our work is funded by voluntary carbon offsets made by the travel industry and individuals.

Global climate change is a real problem and CanopyCo and its environmental initiatives are a part of the complex solution.

If you decide to travel, make your trip carbon neutral with CanopyCo.

Help us maintain our work. Locally, just US$10 will:

Planting native trees in Ecuador
*Pay for native trees to be planted within the Andes to offset carbon dioxide emissions whilst replenishing our beloved forests.

*Contribute to our rural development fund for research, organic agriculture, alternative energy and environmental education initiatives.

Carbon Offset

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*Pay for native trees to be planted.
*Contribute to our community
development fund.

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