CanopyCo carbon offsetting and reforestation in Ecuador, South America.

Carbon Offsetting Ecuador

Planting native trees in Ecuador to carbon offset emissions
"Carbon offsetting" is the term used to describe the neutralising or absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases contributing to global warming and climate change.

Our every action has a negative impact on the environment through the production of carbon dioxide; from driving to work, heating our homes or buying food from the supermarket, our CO2 emissions soon add up.

As responsible global citizens we must ALL reduce our personal carbon dioxide emissions through environmentally positive lifestyle changes.

Equally we can help sequester current atmospheric CO2 through planting native tree species.

Why does planting trees absorb carbon dioxide?

By carbon offsetting with CanopyCo, your tree purchase will help sequester current CO2, and help us generate funds for development work in Ecuador's rural communities.

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