CanopyCo carbon offsetting and reforestation in Ecuador, South America.

What is CanopyCo?

CanopyCo is a small organization formed of several individuals from Europe, North America and Ecuador. We have all lived in Ecuador for at least 7 years, working in the fields of agriculture, rural development and forestry.

The idea for CanopyCo germinated from our experiences as organic farmers and the ever more frequent loss of crops in the community that saw weeks of hard work and financial investment disappear as a result of freak weather; rain when it should be dry or drought when it should rain.

Strange weather has become the norm, making farming an ever harder occupation; seasons and natural weather cycles on which farmers and their crops depend are becoming less and less dependable. With globalization there is always food in the supermarket, no matter the weather, but here in Ecuador and other countries like it, farmers' livelihoods are at risk.

With our combined knowledge we formed CanopyCo as part of the united effort to manage climate change. By planting native trees and working closely with communities, we are aiding a local situation born of a global problem.

A group photo after our first reforestation day, with teeneagers from the US and locals from Peribuela.

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